Readers – Welcome To BoomerRising!

Dear Readers of

My new website, is now up and running. 

I developed BoomerRising as a silo for information on what’s up front and personal to Baby Boomers right now:

  • Remaining employed until such time we no longer want or need to work
  • Executing a solid transition from work into a purposeful traditional or hybrid retirement
  • Ensuring that relevance and authenticity remain the true north of our journey  

Yes, issues will be raised on the pages of BoomerRising that might be addressed elsewhere. But BoomerRising is less a statement of issues and more about positioning creative solutions and call to keep learning as we carve out our personal Third Acts.

I’m hoping you will join me on this journey.

If you’re currently a subscriber, please either resubscribe at the new site or opt-out below.

Thanks. Wishing you the best in your pursuits.

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