Using Catalytic Curiosity to Find Ourselves

Chip Conley is, perhaps, my most important mentor.

He invented the term, modern elder. He hacks through the jungle of misinformation that pretends to explain what it’s like to be our age.

In this video, among other pearls of wisdom, Chip talks about catalytic curiosity. Curiosity that has the most potential for disruption.

It’s important for us to reawaken that curiosity. Especially now, when it seems clear we need to return to a place of asking questions. Of others. Of ourselves.

He quotes author Neil Gaiman, who tells us that “Google can bring you 100,000 answers, but a library can bring you just the right one.”

Maybe Boomers are the librarians of this age. We have wisdom based on experience. We recognize patterns and can, therefore, help others – and ourselves – get to the right place, faster.

Photo courtesy of Alex Block on Unsplash.

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