Close your eyes and when feeling peaceful think about….

  • Your age when the event occurred
  • Where the event occurred and how that place felt to you
  • What you were doing moments before the event began
  • Who from your life shared the experience
  • The power or influence those present might have had over you at that moment
  • The challenge, threat or disrespect it brought to you
  • How you handled yourself during the incident
  • How you felt as the incident escalated or developed over time
  • How you felt after it was over

Begin to write. Take as long as you need. When you’ve exhausted your memories, take a few hours to decompress, then write about….

  • Whether the exercise has revised or brought clarity to your memories, thoughts and feelings about the event
  • How this revised memory might provide soothing moments for you now
  • How you might begin to process the event as you move forward