Your professional and personal edge is an elixir.

Like good medicine, it can nurture unrealized potential and kick to the curb a number of norms that no longer attach to aging, yet hang on stubbornly, nonetheless.

As an example, the tenuous status of Boomers in the workplace is particularly grueling right now. For those of us who need or want to keep working, it’s a constant reminder of how strained the identity-politics of aging really is.

We function in a universe bent on youth over experience. And that dashes hope for what was supposed to be our latter-day, Boomer renaissance.

We’re not exactly a movement (yet). At least it doesn’t feel that way. I believe the feedback we’re getting from the world at large should be moving us to a call for clarity.

In the final analysis, it is we who must define our purpose at THIS moment in our lives.

Keeping our edge has never been more important.

It’s easy to forget that our success is built on strength cultivated over decades of individuated experience.

We fought the good fight. Invented the meaning of dedication in the workplace. Opened our lives to learning and diversity. Changed the course of the 20th century.

If knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive strength define one’s edge – we’ve got that covered.

That’s our killer personal app.

That and our unchallengeable authenticity.

Relevance is a Choice We Make Now.

Yet even with all of our accomplishments, we need to circle back to reclaim our relevance.

Some have suggested we simply reinvent ourselves. And though reinvention is a clever buzzword, we’ve already been through the Hero’s Journey.

It makes no sense to go back to square one.

So I’ll tip my hat toward a belief in redefinition, instead.

We should look at the future through the lens of our native and developed talents. Celebrate both the successes and the bruised knees. Reassemble our attributes for this moment. This new challenge.

We’ve already got the right stuff.

We need to get this done right. With quick dispatch. There’s less time ahead of us for course-corrections.

Because relevance is not owed to us.

Nor should we ask for it to be bestowed upon us.

Each and every one of us needs to push through just one more campaign to make it happen.

For ourselves.

Where are You Now?

Like most Boomers you probably find yourself in one or more of the categories below:

  • Still in the workforce. Can’t retire yet.
  • Want to remain in the workforce. Carve out a more distinctive role for yourself.
  • Quit your job due to circumstances that made staying impossible.
  • Laid-off along with colleagues of the same age
  • Looking for work. Not finding it.
  • Ready to retire. Not sure what comes next.
  • Already in a traditional or hybrid retirement. Feeling a little lost.

Wherever you find yourself on the continuum, here’s the truth: after decades of work and in plain sight of the promised land, someone’s moved the goal post.

And therein lies the work ahead.

Coaching Moves You Toward a Self-Determined Next Act

Sculptor, Michelangelo, said he created his masterpieces by chipping away at the stone until the perfect form appeared.

That’s essentially what a good coach does.

You’re already the embodiment of your perfect Third Act. With empathic support and guidance, you can distill your wisdom and experience into a plan that lives up to the expectations you have for a purposeful next act.

My Coaching Style

The coaching process is a highly strategic, interactive partnership.

My job is to ask compelling questions. Listen intently to your answers. Synthesize information defining your current state. Encourage you to make relevant choices. Distill your confidence. Usher you toward your best self.

Your job is to arrive with an open mind. Engage with honesty. Ask clarifying questions. Accept straightforward feedback. Commit to a plan. Offer on-going feedback so we remain on target with your expectations.

Please note: Our job together can and will include getting you past some of the sticking points in the workplace. Past the toughest parts of your transition to what’s next. Past the consternation of a stalled-out retirement.

Schedule an Intake Call

Let’s talk about it.

You can contact me directly, here. Make certain to leave your phone number. I will generally return calls within a few hours to set up a convenient appointment time.

Coaching Program and Costs

A 30-minute intake session will determine if we’re journey-compatible. We’ll review your goals, general issues, concerns, expectations and desired outcomes. Then discuss an initial roadmap to jump-start the journey.

Rate for Intake Session: Complimentary

If we agree to continue, I’ll send a brief standard Coaching Agreement that talks about a mutually agreed-upon time frame for services. Pricing. Payment timing. And confirmation you’ve read and agreed to the Disclaimer/Waiver statement on the site.

There are no financial ramifications should you decide to withdraw from the process at any time.

At the end of each session, we’ll evaluate our progress and decide what’s best to discuss during forthcoming sessions.

Ongoing Session Rate: $150 (based on a 50-minute hour)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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