About Howard

My Third Act Agenda

My Third Act is a well-considered mashup of core proficiencies refined over a highly productive first career. Essentially a reductionist brew that favors key learnings, honed skills, and native talents. A turning away from what does not feel authentic or relevant.


Owner/Developer/Author – BoomerRising is an exercise in self-determination. My silo to provide information on what’s up front and personal to Boomers now. Less about issues. More about creative solutions. See About for additional information.

Coaching Boomers into Sustained Relevance – It’s the turnaround. I get to pay it forward, honoring the coaches and mentors that got me past the existential sticking points.

Overall Career Stats

Public Relations/Public Affairs/Fundraising – 10 years working on behalf of local and national non-profit organizations, both as independent consultant and staff. Grant writing. Major donor fundraising. Major events planning and execution. Public affairs and community awareness.

Contract Furniture Independent Representative/Furniture Distribution – 15 years as independent representative of high-end furniture and accessory companies. Educating elite design and architectural firms on product attributes, specifications and installation in the Southern California area.

Major International Contract Furniture Manufacturers – 20 years with 2 major international contract furniture manufacturers. Sales and Sales Management. Director A&D Sales. New Client Acquisition. Global Account Management.

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