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Recurring themes in my life need context and connection. 

Digging deeper, questioning contemporary values, poking fun at societal norms, sharing moments of learning and growth through commentary, memoir, and humor.

Digital Diary will serve as a catch-all category for commentary on politics, friendship, creativity, aging fantastically, and our quest for the best personal journey possible.

BoomerRising! will capture life experiences of a Boomer generation in perpetual search of excellence at work and post-work fulfillment through creative reinvention during retirement.

Film Reviews – No contest. My favorite thing is still a good movie. Period. Hope you’ll find the reviews helpful, informative and entertaining. In case you’re wondering, my all-time favorite film is Godfather Part II. It’s everything a movie-lover could possibly desire. If you’ve never seen it or haven’t seen it recently go directly to Netflix. They’ve got the entire trilogy of Godfather film. An uber-worthy binge.

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