About The Site


There are recurring themes in my life that need context, connection and exposure.

I want to dig deeper, explore and question contemporary values, poke fun at societal norms and share moments of laughter, learning and growth through the vehicles of commentary, memoir and humor.

Wayfinding Childhood – memoir pieces reflecting a difficult, but life-expanding 20 years in Brooklyn and Manhattan during the sixties and seventies.

Rants & Raves – My sardonic view on a host of topics.

Married! – A satirical, over-the-top sitcom(ish) view of what you get when you start over again in your 60s with a new love, a new marriage, a new home and a case of the crazies.

Guest Blogs/Other Sites – Blog posts written for other sites.

During the autumn of 2017, I will begin to string together posts from each category into ebooks for sale, starting with the categories of Wayfinding Childhood and Married! The ebooks, more than just a compilation of posts, will weave content into larger story lines that connect characters, lifestyles and choices.

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