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13254759_107117263043027_5668380181344510224_oThere are recurring themes in my life that need context, connection and exposure.

I want to dig deeper, explore and question contemporary values, poke fun at societal norms and share moments of laughter, learning and growth through the vehicles of commentary, memoir and humor.

In mid-March, 2018, I will be instituting a new blog site that will specifically assist Baby Boomers with ideas and smart-thinking about critical life transitions.

In the meantime, howardfishman.net will cover the following categories:

Digital Diary – The word retirement should be banished from the dictionary. As mentioned above, in my second act you can catch me red-handed, dealing head-on with the transition from a first career in sales, spanning 35 years, to a newly minted but well-imagined career as a writer. Digital Diary is the description of that personal journey, rife with self-examination as I grapple with execution on a bucket list of goals for the next few decades.

Rants & Raves – My sardonic view on a host of cultural and political topics.

Guest Blogs/Other Sites – Blog posts written for other sites, primarily Sixty and Me (www.sixtyandme.com) an amazing site for women past fifty, looking for an exemplary lifestyle.

I will direct my readers to my new site in March.

Hope you’ll join me on the journey!


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