Your Historical Career Trajectory

The choices you’ve made. Good. Not so good. High points. Forks in the road. Workarounds survived. Roads not traveled. Cherished insights lost to time.

The Impact of the Volatile Workplace On Your Internal Guidance System

It started long before Covid-19. We’ve accommodated every twist and turn along the way. Losing pieces of ourselves as we “adapted” to a dozen new normals. Many of which saw doors of opportunity slamming shut behind us.

Your Emotional Intelligence

How it’s assisted you. How it’s fooled you. How you know it’s still there in search of the right trajectory.

What You Might Look Like If You Were Separated From The Pack

Unique capabilities you’d like to keep. Out-moded paradigms you’d be happy to be rid of. A new set of value-based filters with which to look out at a situational world. Shape-shifting your personae.

Your Problem-Solving Capabilities

How you have or have not adeptly responded to the elephant-in-the-room. The way to push conversations productively forward. Choosing the best alternative rather than the lesser of evils.

Your Personal Leadership Skills

Are they consistent and reliable? Do they demonstrate agility? Are they embued with humble integrity? Do they show the courage of strong convictions?

In other words, would you follow you if you were your leader?


Urgent Workplace Survival Requirements

Tough to say what the ultimate new normal will be. But we’ll take a look at what needs be addressed now. Look both forward and backward to solve current career issues. Understand how today’s decisions will impact future potential no matter what the situation.

How You Make Critical Decisions

The way in which you bring together logic, reason, and personal philosophy. Being attentive to your internal guidance system. Clearing away emotional subterfuge. Involving stakeholders.

Realistic Career Goals

Based on more than dodging volatility. Understanding and incorporating the gravitational pull of your most accessible talents. Amplifying your skill-set with education, training, and focused risk-taking. Finding your career center: knowing whether where you wanted to go then, is where you want to go now.


Your current skill and desire. Where you want networking to take you. How to feel comfortable networking with purpose in the future.

Pivot Points

Navigating on-ramps to provoke productive career outcomes. Understanding the difference between pivot points suggested for you by others, and pivot points calculated by you toward your own specific goals. How to effectively say no to pivots that look good but serve no purpose to your plan.

We’ll Develop These Outcomes

  • A tactical plan for short-term relief from current workplace issues.
  • A long-term strategic career plan. Authentic. Talent based. Realistically aspirational, while positioning for unexpected opportunity.
  • A reference sheet on how to identify when a course-corrective moment is upon you. One that can lead to a career breakthrough.
  • A personal formula for solid decision-making.
  • A mind-map of your insights from the past, and filtered insights from other’s you’ve relied upon. To inform and clarify future decision-making.
  • An assessment of your current emotional intelligence. A roadmap to more powerful communication. Reduced anxiety. Improved relationships. Greater empathy. Your tool kit for advancement.
  • Role-plays on theoretical problem-solving using your new skills.
  • Your personal, essential road map to networking for specific outcomes.
  • A continuous, in-depth conversation about a toolkit for longevity. Planned advancement. Directing yourself into the protected class.

The Path

  • Plan Development: 8 private 60-minute sessions
  • Feedback/Course Correction during Plan Execution phase: 2 private 60-minute sessions
  • Thought-assignments between sessions to amplify and solidify strategic direction.
  • Touch-point clarification between sessions via Zoom, phone, email, or text.
  • Availability by phone during tactical emergencies.

My Coaching Style

My job is to expose barriers, fears, and unhelpful belief systems. I’ll ask compelling questions. Listen intently for answers that come from a place where passion, inspiration, leadership, and courage live. Create or redesign a platform for making relevant choices. Distill your confidence. Usher you toward your best self.

Your job is to arrive with an open mind. Engage with honesty. Ask clarifying questions. Accept straightforward feedback. Commit to a plan. Offer on-going feedback so, as a team, we remain on target with your stated expectations.

The Cost

Contact me here for an intake call to discuss your particular needs. We’ll craft a program and cost together, based on your exact requirements.

How to Start

Let’s talk about it. See if it makes sense.

You can contact me directly, here. Make certain to leave your phone number. I will generally return calls within a few hours to set up a convenient appointment time.


For a set of recent testimonials, please click here.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.Edit

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