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Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, said:

“The afternoon of life is just as full of meaning as the morning; only, it’s meaning and purpose are different.”

Much truth can be found in Mr. Jung’s thoughtful take on aging.

Aging purposefully is about:

  • digging deeper
  • living with wellness
  • being purposeful
  • remaining relevant
  • sharing amply
  • loving generously
  • reaching inward toward your authentic self, not toward perfection.

Our Mission

Boomers are programmed for success. We’re goal-centric. Remaining purposeful in a complex environment is tough. Finding true north is a constant challenge.

BoomerRising’s mission is:

  • to expand your view of the possibilities
  • to amplify your strengths
  • to offer ideas and resources to move you toward your best Boomer self.

Initial Articles

Joining my voice will be the voices of other writers sharing stories that offer sure-footed companionship as you proceed along the path.

This weeks articles include:

Unretirement: The Hunger for Reinvention: Kirsten Schowalter’s take on leaving a legacy. Do you have a post-retirement hunger to search for relevancy and meaning? How is this curiosity expressed? More people see retirement as “fluid” – an opportunity for reinvention. Do you identify with the hunger?

In Relationships Matter: “You Got to Have Friends“. The nature of friendship changes as we age. Writer Stephanie Raffelock discusses the qualities of being a good friend and engaging in community. It’s difficult to make new friends as we age. Stephanie asks the question: “Do we withdraw, or do we continue to risk new friendships?” Friendship is part of the human journey – friends walk down the road with us.

I contribute to the premier release of BoomerRising! with:

Wellness: I Have Seen the Enemy and the Enemy is Me! – My take on the first days of retirement and the ensuing push-back on my pledge to get into shape.

Fonda, Redford and Redemption in “Our Souls at Night” – my review on the recent Redford/Fonda Netflix film about finding redemption in unexpected love. Watching the two stars pair up again is a treat.

Don’t CRASH and BURN into Retirement: No emails. No voicemails. No texts. First day of retirement jitters. How I’d redo my transition into retirement’s new normal!

There’s lots more and lots more to come.

Thanks for Your Continued Support

For the past 18 months, you’ve shown appreciation for my existing website,

I send you my heartfelt thanks.

Your support and comments helped me understand what my next steps should be as I continue to my own journey.

I hope you’ll follow the link below to join me as I begin my third act reinvention.

As a thank you, I’ll send a PDF entitled: 50 Links to Information for Curious Boomers. The links will direct you to articles, podcasts, websites and other cultural resources relating to Boomers at work, in life and in culture.

And yes…this is a site for Boomers but the themes are universal. If you’re on the edge of either side of Boomer “glory”, you’ll get value from BoomerRising!

Have you risen yet?

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