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It’s the mission of the Pride movement, in general, to take a positive stance against discrimination, violence, shame and social stigma. There are certainly enough topics to illuminate that particular struggle

But given the amount of negativity and strife in the world at this moment, I wanted to land on something aspirational.

This morning I was given a gift in the form of a video posted on Facebook. It’s an eloquent statement on the subjects of pride and acceptance by Oscar-winning actress, Sally Field, when presented with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Ally for Equality Award, in 2014.

After being introduced by her gay son, Ms. Field discusses the struggles of being Sam Field’s mother, struggles that existed even through her lens of complete acceptance. The evident pride she has for Sam shines through – as does her support for HRC and the thousands of organizations around the world that take on the mantle of Pride every day.

Sally’s talk begins at 7:24 seconds into the piece.  If you have extra time, start from the beginning to see Sam’s sweet introduction of his iconic mom.

For me, the relationship between this mother and son reaffirms the capacity we all have for love, pride and acceptance.

And that’s the message I wanted to leave with you today.

Here’s the link:

2 thoughts on “Pride: Simple | Basic | Human

  1. Sorry. I realized it a few minutes ago and made the change!

  2. Constance Parrott April 17, 2017 — 12:34 am

    Such a heartwarming example of an ideal relationship between mother and son, gay or straight. I know several young men whose families turned against them. I can’t imagine not loving and supporting one’s own child. Thanks for the reminder to work harder for tolerance, Howard. (Sorry for my technical difficulties.)

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