Your Creative Past: A Roadmap to the Future

You’ve unearthed a time capsule hidden deeply in the soil by a young person with big dreams and childlike creativity more than 50 years ago. Curious, you lift the capsule toward the light and shake it once or twice. Damaged from its harsh life underground, it cracks open, spilling its contents onto the ground before you.

Sifting through the objects you sense a vague relationship with these artifacts. When the fog of memory lifts you remember the young person who’d stuffed the capsule with inventive dreams – was you.

It’s a sublime moment of recollection.

You were an active and expressive child planning to bend life to form around your creativity. Now you wonder if that Midas touch of creative sensibility still lives somewhere inside of you.

Rate Your Creativity Quotient – The Amount of Creativity You Bring to Everyday Life

It’s there.

You can put a number to it. Sit back in your chair. Close your eyes. Without overthinking it, on a scale of 1 to 10, rate where your creativity quotient falls.

Are you satisfied?

We Remain Creative Throughout Our Lives

Science tells us creativity is highest in youth, yet strongly suggests we can remain creative throughout our lives.

During the uncomplicated days of childhood, we’re more fluent in the generation of original ideas. There are endless possibilities and few boundaries. In youth, we live in the dreamy environment of cocooned-learning. As we age, we inherit the enormous responsibilities conferred upon us by family, work and financial realities. We bow to the pressure of time and demands of adult life.

For many of us, the doors to creativity begin to crash shut behind us.

Creativity Renaissance

In the years past 60, along with the relaxation of familial and work ties, the gift of time is returned to us. We can rekindle past passions and project them forward into our contemporary lives. Or we might begin activity on a passion cultivated during adulthood.

As a result of age and experience, we’re in possession of two attributes to move us swiftly along the path of finding the right project: good judgment and honed decision-making skills. It’s easier to curate good ideas and act upon them. We understand our talent and capabilities, as well as the extent of our ability to sustain activities toward the attainment of goals.

What’s Preventing You from Taking Possession of Your Past?

Keep it simple. But use a pen or pencil to jot down thoughts.

  • What are one or two of your childhood passions? Do they still resonate with you?
  • Which passions remained relevant as originally conceived or morphed as you moved through life?
  • Do newer passions compare to the fulfillment you experienced with your time-travel passions?
  • What combination of the above appeals to you right now?

Noteworthy results can come to life in the form of large or small go-forward strategies that will add up to significant fulfillment.

Whether exploring new cuisines, taking brush to canvas, volunteering as a Museum docent, inventing a new gizmo in your garage or putting together a start-up company, you can give venue to creative urges at a time in your life when it can have significant meaning.

You have the wherewithal.

Use Boomer Skills to Focus on Reinvention

The Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri, focuses on helping people reach individual potential. In a recent report, they summed up Boomer attributes regarding age and entrepreneurship as they pertain to successful Boomer business launches. They include:

  • Wisdom
  • Work experience
  • Management skills
  • Loyalty
  • Ethics

Run with It!

The attributes listed above pave a highway to explore creativity. Exercising our passion is how we meet the world.

In no time you’ll remember what it feels like to have the fresh wind of creativity brushing against your face.

What was in your imaginary time capsule? Have you begun to think about a creativity renaissance for yourself? How successful have you been with keeping your creative urges alive? 

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