For as long as I could remember, Pluto was the ninth planet from the sun.

Until it wasn’t.

While the declassification of Pluto as a planet was a confusing disappointment, it did not send me into existential panic.

It did, however, leave me with a particularly unsettling question.

What else might not be real?

I’ve been on the lookout ever since.

As an adult I’ve navigated through dozens of factual carpets being pulled out from underneath me.

Things change. It’s a fact of life.

But these last few post-election weeks have left me stunned as I watch a creeping list of political non sequiturs rearrange the fabric of beliefs woven together to form our universe.

One such belief: the sanctity of our electoral process.

It’s become quite clear that the Russians actively hacked their way through our political process this past year.

Putin and his mob were initially thought to be out to upset our political process. New intelligence points toward the more deliberate goal of tilting the election toward Mr. Trump. These allegations have now been brought by the CIA into a closed-door session with members of the United States Senate.

Following the release of this latest information, President Obama ordered the intelligence community to conduct a full review of malicious cyber activity surrounding the U.S. elections.

For a moment let’s put aside the ramifications of how this might ultimately work itself through the enormous vetting process a full review will entail.

It could conceivably invalidate or at the very least challenge the election of Donald Trump.

Beyond or despite that fact, the one salient truth is this: we must know if our electoral process is valid.  

Time is running short. Trump’s transition team has already debunked the CIA’s report. You will recall that this is the same stunning reaction to a similar report from 17 of our nation’s most critical intelligence groups.

Before Mr. Trump takes the oval office and is in firm control of the disposition of sensitive information, the current administration must quickly work to declassify the content.

As citizens, we have a right to know.

Both feet need to be on the gas pedal now. I will be writing elected officials to push this along.

It’s not enough to like a post on Facebook.

Here’s an easy link to connect up with your Senators and RepresentativesDO THIS! It will take five minutes. You’ll feel better.


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