Let Them Eat Kale

I’ll be brief.

When Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, wanted a divorce, the headline of a prominent New York newspaper cleverly read, Ivana Divorce.

Well…Ivana Divorce.

On election-eve I was convinced that there were not enough people in the bubble, (you know…those other people), to elect Donald Trump.

On Wednesday morning after seeing the numbers, I realized I was the one in the bubble.

College-educated women, Latinos in Florida, white men everywhere, heard the Medicine Man’s hucksterish pitch and bought themselves four year’s worth of magic elixir.

They pushed from their minds the vile, inexcusable rhetoric that fueled 16 months of a campaign –  void of class, distinction or dare I say, one congealed thought.

Never mind that, they told themselves.

Apparently, voting for Trump was like marrying someone with flaws, thinking you’ll be in a better position to change them once the ring is on their finger.

We all have to take the blinders off.

Not all of us live on the right or left coast. Not all of us have 401Ks. Not all of us want an extension of Barack Obama’s two terms in office.

We can no longer fly over the fly-over states.

We have seen the arrogant and it is us.

There’s no proof that Marie Antoinette ever said let them eat cake when confronted with the fact that the French under-class could not afford bread. But this week, people living in the fly-over states rose up, extended their middle fingers toward the coasts and said to the rest of us: Let them eat kale.

11 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Kale

  1. Hillary won the popular vote but I too realize that a huge chunk of the populace feel disenfranchised whether or not they have cause. This college educated woman and all of my college educated friends in many other countries felt sick as the results came in.
    He went to each State and told people what they wanted to hear no matter whether it was true or possible. So in the next four years we had better line up someone white and male to run against him. He will have failed to fulfill most of his ridiculous promises.
    Good old prejudice against smart women rules.
    Thursday saw me at the Doctors convinced I was having a heart attack, turned out to be stress. Apparently there’s been a run on sedatives.

  2. Well said, Howard. I rather like kale and frankly I think those fly-over people have bitten the hand that feeds them.


  3. Yes, I would say that some didn’t understand what the consequences could be. But I also think there were lots of people who did and chose to vote for him anyway. That’s one of the elements that needs some analysis and further understanding.

  4. On point, as usual. I notice that he is already backing off some of his campaign promises. But, as I have said before: Pocahontas for president 2020!

  5. Constance Parrott November 12, 2016 — 6:03 pm

    Two thumbs up, Howard. I’m not quite able to laugh yet. Still hunched over the barf bucket thinking about the result. I had a doctor’s appointment the day after the election. Blood pressure was off the chart. The doctor asked why and I grumbled “The election.” Then my doctor, educated man that he has to be to poke and prod me, spent 20 minutes telling me why Trump was the right choice. I felt sicker when I left then when I entered. And more depressed. So I’m pre-ordering about 50 blogs from you, Howard. I need to laugh in the worse way. Pretty please, of course. Sigh…

  6. Well said, Howard.

    I also submit for your consideration something I realized and it made the most sense to me than anything other reasons being spoken out loud about. I believe this is how we got here. I think is really at the crux of why Donald Trump was elected – HOW it happened to go this far. Given the bubble in which we live, you are so right, that’s why many could not see this coming.

    One night, a few months ago, I was lying in bed REALLY pondering HOW we got to the point where someone like Trump had gotten as far as he had at that point in time. Then, it suddenly dawned on me – and it all made sense:

    We had a BLACK president for NOT one, but TWO terms. And now, YOU WANT A WOMAN???? NO F&CKING WAY!! OVER OUR DEAD BODIES!

    And, they mobilized. They needed someone to scream as loud as they were trying to scream. Democrat. Black. Now, WOMAN! It was the trifecta.

    I sadly and regrettably think it is that simple. Everything else followed. They made their point loud and clear, not only for president, but for every critical position in our government for at least the next four years and in many cases, for the next 20-30 years.

    I hope we’ve learned that lesson and somehow translate it into the next mid-term and elections in two years. In the meantime, I know we all hope for minimal damage.

    May I have spinach, instead, please? 🙂

  7. Well written, well thought-out, measured, and reasoned, and blessedly devoid of the hideous rhetoric we’ve all seen in the past few days.

  8. We saw the U.S. Poet Laureate tonight who urged a strong sense of community to get through this and said that we should realize that in his travels he sees the same kind of community everywhere he goes. We have to unite those communities, perhaps in a way we’ve not done so for a long time. It will be interesting to see how passionate everyone remains.

  9. Thanks, Ann. I like the words surrounding the image of Trump posted above the blog. It kind of says it all in single words!

  10. Constance , if it’s any comfort to you my Doctor is very involved with the rework of Health Insurance and even asked a few patients over to her house to meet Sessions and listen to his plan. I declined but do we now have to ask our Doctors their political views before seeing them and asking for a sedative because we are having chest pains ? I have since regained my equilibrium and some good humour.
    I don’t drink but Wednesday saw me googling how to make a martini .
    So blood pressure down , a bit , we shall persevere.
    I hate kale and am planning to have cake and maybe a martini.
    Thanks Howard for being there I miss working with you and laughing.

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