If things go south on Tuesday and Donald Trump is elected, there could be a rush of citizens seeking expat status in countries catering to Americans seeking refuge.

Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada has a website welcoming Americans running from a Trump administration. (cbiftrumpwins.com). Beautiful place, but it has that certain Children of the Corn quality that I find disturbing.

Searches on Google for those seeking refuge in Mexico and the United Kingdom have spiked. Could be tricky getting back from Mexico if that wall thing happens. And the impending Brexit could bring an imploding UK.

Celebrities, none of whom seem to be undecided, have led the way with threats of self-imposed exile.

Samuel L. Jackson told Jimmy Kimmel that he’d move his “black ass to South Africa”.

Chelsea Handler will apparently move her you-know-what to a recently purchased house in Spain.

The Reverend Al Sharpton has made public his intention to leave. I hereby volunteer to drive him to the airport.

John Stewart and Cher say they’ll be going to another planet. Cher specifically mentioned, Jupiter.

Mylie Cyrus threatens to leave but has not designated a new home country. Perhaps she doesn’t know the name of any other countries. Don’t get angry. It’s possible.

But it’s not just politics that inspires the urge to flee. (Although isn’t everything politics?)

Baby boomers are leaving the country in search of more affordable health care and cheap housing in places like Mexico, Panama and Ecuador.

Thirty-something parents move out of the United States to save themselves and their children from a stark economic future.

A multi-generational group of expats view the slow evaporation of American values as their off-ramp.

Apparently, there is enough angst to go around.

Yes….expatriation is an intriguing idea, but best to do extensive research before tipping your hat at the Statue of Liberty as you pass her on the way out.

Recently, on a trip to San Miguel de Allende, a picturesque, ancient Colonial hilltop village north of Mexico City and one of the preeminent America expat communities in the world, I learned the following:

  • Cobblestone streets are romantic but hard on the feet.
  • Don’t go with someone you’ve just married who is ten times more anxious than you to relocate.  (Awkward).
  • You’d better like Flamenco guitar music. Seriously. It’s everywhere. Maddening.
  • Don’t get sick. (I did).
  • Especially at night. (I did).
  • The closest hospital is an hour away and nobody is vouching for it. (Or knows how to get there).
  • Ask probing questions of expats living off the grid with no address. (And, as if this were possible, no cable television).
  • Be wary of a dinner invitation from a friend of a friend who tells you the gardener just got hacked to death and the police are at the house asking questions. (This really happened).

Wherever you go, you can expect the unexpected. And isn’t that what’s happening right now in a country near  you?

One of the most famous expats in the world, the French actor, Gerard Depardieu, fled France immediately after the newly elected government changed tax laws to his disadvantage. He chose Russia as his new home. What brochure did he read?

Look beneath the romantic veneer of living the expat life. It’s more than a cool road trip.

That being said….if you did decide to pack up and try it – what country would you most likely choose?

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